Final Journal Entry: A Brief Story

Time goes so fast.  When I met you, I was amazed to have lived through my 27th year on this earth: forever fascinated by, and terrified to join the “forever 27 club”… which is silly of course.  You have to do something of significance musically before you can be part of the forever 27 club.  If I had died at 27, well, I just would have been another random guy who’s life got cut short.

It had not been long since my mother’s passing, and it had been an even shorter time since I had gotten out of what I now consider to be a rather terrible relationship.  Sure, she was nice. Actually, she’s a great person and there’s no denying that, but we were an awful couple, and it was time to part ways.  I remember so fondly the first weeks.  How I knew I wanted you before I’d even met you.  We met through a dating site.  This took months for me to admit to friends, and most of your family still doesn’t know that.  However, it was great.  I felt like I knew you before our first date.  Remember when I asked if you were actually a middle-aged man, just trying to lure me in to steal away my innocence?  You told me you were, and inevitably I asked for “Dick pics.”  The response was a photo of Dick Clark.


When I asked you for more, you sent me Richard Nixon.



…and that’s how I knew that you were right for me.  Before finding out that we shared the same taste in music and literature, before finding out that you had come to my shows and just hadn’t met me, before finding out that we had crossed paths a thousand times and just never been brave enough to speak to the other.  I knew you were right for me because of Richard Nixon and Dick Clark.

Remember the first time I met your friends?  Remember how incredibly intoxicated I got?  How I told them all that I was going to marry you someday?



…and the years just blew by! We would go away every weekend that we could afford.  Columbus, Pittsburgh, Maryland… anywhere with an empty space to lay our heads.  It was a magical beginning.  Then we expanded our range.  Set our sites for larger  trips, longer car rides, and were happy to know that at least they’d be with good company.


Your family was, and still to this day is incredibly overwhelming to me.  It’s literally at least five times the amount of people in my own family, and they’re all so different.  The weddings have always been fun though!



It wasn’t long after one great wedding that you started dropping hints.  Of course I am oblivious to hints, but you’ve never let that stop you! You let me know how you felt.  All that talk of marriage right at the beginning.  It was all just hot air wasn’t it? We’d be in a civil union in just a few years, and it wouldn’t matter that we’d done the ceremony.  I always said “after college,” and you finally said “why not now?”

Eventually I realized that you were right.  Why not now?  What better time? What better company.  Ghandi said, “the future depends on what you do now?”

So now, I could not be more grateful to have made the decision.  I’ll always know how pure the excitement really is on your face when I look at this last photograph.




I love you.  For all that the world has taken from me, I am so very glad that it gave you to me.



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