to die…

Final poem for Dr. Eric Schwerer’s Digital Poetry class.

Experience HERE

Additional Information

Some video was taken from…

Super Mario Lost Levels


Call of Duty

Mortal Kombat

Game of Thrones

Some audio taken from Jello Biafra, and Tipper Gore on Oprah, circa 1984.

A brief clip of “Outro in No Minor” can be heard in the background of the Mario Lost Levels video clip

Additional audio written, recorded and put together  by Sean T. Jackson  (Laika, the Astro-Hound)

 Programs Hosting Sites and Materials Used

Windows Movie Maker

Microsoft Expression Web 4




Pitt server space


Cell Phone

Alone with your thoughts 18


…and for the first time in some time, you find yourself smiling.  You stand up, grab your keys, and walk back out the door.  You return to the bar with the strength of ten introverts.

You feel different.  You feel as thought Eliza has somehow taught you some inherent lesson about humanity.  For all the fear in the world, there is still a small hope that things will go perfectly.