The Tyranny



The Tyranny

An overcast sun, shying away from your helplessness.
The noise growing from a lull to the deepest crescendo.
This is where you go for solace. to escape mundane
Painfully awkward conversations with creatures
Who speak plain english, yet you just cannot understand
in what ways you could possibly resemble
the same species.

It’s so very confusing, how the pictures can be so calming.
That view in your mind’s eye; where everything is
just as you could imagine it.
To the fullest extent.
You feel this transformation
from a whimper to a shout
or is it something else?

That noise you hear is a low boil, coming to a full roar,
Over, and over, and drowning you in a heat that you cannot withstand.
This is what it is to feel human, and alone, and un-relatable.
You think of the men who made this world,
and wonder; were they wrong?
Are we better off dwelling in caves,
hidden from the tyranny of agenda.

Words, sounds, film: Sean T. Jackson


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