(de)(e)(re)volution: explanation

This concept in and of itself was abstract.  I was intrigued to see what reactions others would have to this “audio story.”  My goal was to communicate the constant changes within music solely through instrumentation and without dialog.  The only words that can be made out through this piece were “sweet desire”; taken from Sonic Youth’s “Teenage Riot.”  I chose this term because desire is the basis for all creation, and for a want to move in a new direction (ie: evolve the concept).  Straczynski’s “Rites of Spring” was music so original and foreign to the ears of its original audience that it incited a riot, thus proving that music can be revolutionary in some sense and at some times.  I attempted to take music from different eras and combine it, meanwhile adding my own elements through looping and keyboard/synth work to represent the here and now of music in a sense, while demonstrating the constant changing of styles throughout the last 100 years.  This is why I chose to begin the piece at each time with a loop from a baroque string quartet.  I identified that music as timeless and ageless in a sense.  With each additional loop worked into the piece, I was attempting to exemplify another significant change within style and production.  Ultimately, my goal was to represent the evolution, and “revolution” within music as best as I could.  Also, the concept of repurposing music to create new music is a prime example of devolution; especially with one’s own physical creation imposed overtop to create a new melody.  I am happy with how this piece came out, but believe that I still have room to improve upon the concept in order to perhaps make it clearer.


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