A few of my favorite things


“The Tetons and the Snake River”-  Ansel Adams

This photograph’s symmetry is very striking to the viewer.  It truly captures the scope, and beauty of this natural phenomena better than any photograph of the Tetons that I have encountered.


Le Violon d’Ingres – Man Ray

Another classic photograph.  Ray photographed this woman nude, then later superimposed the  “f-holes” into her back.  This suggests some form of objectification, taken to its most literal term.  This photograph truly tells a story.


“Kairos” – Sean T. Jackson

I took this photograph, and just wanted to share it.  “Kairos” is the name of a boat owned by my father.  He and my mother (when she was living) named it as such in a reference to the concept of the quality of time, which is a literal translation of the work kairos.

To me, sailing has never been a quality experience, or one that I prefer.  In fact, to me it has always either left me bored, or sick pending on the duration of the trip.

However, the woods, friendship, and exploration have always been my definition of “kairos.”  This picture shows all three, and furthermore, I felt it communicated something about death; the literal image of someone “walking into the light”

This photo is also the front cover of my album, also titled “Kairos,” which will be released one week from the date this blog post is written. (September 26th 2016)



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