Hello, I’m Sean!  This page is being created for the purpose of my digital storytelling class at University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, the school that I am currently attending for Early Childhood Education.

My primary interests beyond working with students include music and comic book collecting.  I have been in bands since I was 15 years old (I’m 30 now.)  My first band saw 42 states over the course of six years, and played with many professional acts.  I am releasing a new album on September 26th 2016.  That project is called Laika, the Astro-Hound, and will be available on http://www.myideaoffun.org ; a website for local Johnstown musicians, artists, and creators of many types.

I also created my own format of auction through Facebook, which has since become a viral sensation amongst comic book collectors.  I am the number one rated seller on a site of about 12,000 buyers and sellers.

Beyond all that, I love to be creative; this page will serve as a means of sharing many different types of creation in years to come hopefully!

I am also currently taking Professor Eric Schwerer’s “Digital Poetry” class.

You will be able to find my work for that class here: Myth Kitty


Week 1: Wolves

Week 2: Astray from the Path

2.1 A few of my favorite things

Week 3:Fed up

Week 4: Kairos: An Autobiography in less than 100 words.

4.1: Q and A for “Kairos”

“Trail Trekking”

7: “Plastic Bag”

Week 8: (De)(e)(re)volution  (a wordless audio story)

Week 9: Fall is the Saddest Beauty

Week 10: Alone and Thankful (Video Project)

Final journal entry (for class): A Brief Story

Alone with your thoughts: Final Digital Story

Artificial Intelligence Editor 2.0 (Final Digital Story, version B.)